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David Cotter

Technology Coordinator of CULTR    

Utilizing Web-Based Resources and Instruction │ Effectively teaching technical topics │ Graphic Design │ Interactive video-based communication technologies and pedagogy│ Web Development


David Cotter, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, joined the team in summer 2015 to serve as CULTR’s Technology Coordinator. Combined with his role as Educational Technology Specialist, Intermediate, David leads the professional level design, training, and modification of complex educational technology systems allied to the mission of CULTR. Examples of these responsibilities include creating and maintaining the CULTR website, developing and publishing digital media content, and recommending opportunities in new educational technologies. He brings extensive technical experience from his years spent working as a Distance Learning Technician for the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh and a passion for education outreach through his public service as a JumpStart Corps Member. David is excited to bring his experience, diverse skillset, and energy to further promote the success of CULTR and Georgia State University.