Teacher Toolkit

Are you registered or looking forward to the next World Languages Day? The Teacher Toolkit is designed to support teachers and their students before, during, and after CULTR’s World Languages Day. Broken down into three sections (“Teacher To Do List”, “Leading Up To The Event”, and “Post-event”), this collection of resources enables your school to have the greatest impact at World Languages Day.

This toolkit will help you:

    • Plan your day at the event
    • Prepare your students to meet and learn from the exhibitors
    • Find your way to and within the event
    • Participate in our event social media campaigns

Teacher To Do List

(Download the PDF)
Before the Event
1.) Register your class for World Languages Day
2.) Submit trip approval from school principal and transportation to cultr@gsu.edu
3.) Watch the Global Skills and Careers presentation with your students!
4.) Explore and share the Teacher Toolkit (below)

After the Event
1.) Complete the Post-Event Survey (Teacher Survey | Student Survey)
Once you submit the post-event survey, you will have access to the following resources
2.) View/Download/Share the Event Pictures
3.) View/Download/Share your School’s World Languages Day Certificate
4.) Sign up for the World Languages Day 2018 Contact List
5.) Look ahead to CULTR’s Teacher Workshops

Leading Up To The Event