Peek Into World Languages Day

Showcasing careers and services that value language expertise, World Languages Day is a dynamic event that connects high school and college students with leaders in international commerce, social services, and governmental agencies to help students create a “map” from language success to a successful future. CULTR invites your school or organization to look ahead as to what World Languages Day represents to students and and exhibitors.

Global Skills and Careers Presentation

Mohamed Abdel-Kader, former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE) of the Department of Education, presented to World Languages Day students on the importance of foreign languages in today’s global marketplace. His presentation draws attention to the current global landscape and the profound head start language learners experience in their communities and careers. His engaging talk challenges listeners to connect to the accelerating economies, expansive cultures, and interesting individuals of the world through the medium of language.


Mohamed's World Languages Day PowerPoint

This presentation provides the content behind Mohamed’s discussion concerning the competitive edge of learning a new language. This content is available for free download as a classroom resource.



Looking Forward

Continuing to grow with each event, CULTR is excited to announce World Languages Day draws hundreds of students throughout the region to meet with prominent organizations, professions, and representatives. Our center invites your organization or school to explore the previous iterations of this event through the resources below.