Welcome to the Center for Urban Language Learning and Teaching (CULTR) at Georgia State University!

As the first Title VI Language Resource Center in the Southeast, the mission of CULTR is to enhance the opportunities of urban and underrepresented students to achieve the language proficiency and cultural competence required for success in the modern global marketplace.

The work and success of CULTR places itself prominently at the forefront of international language instruction and research in the region. Moreover, CULTR seeks to capitalize on the strategic location of the university in the heart of Atlanta, a global center of international business and culture, to achieve its goals. This central, urban location affords GSU close proximity to government institutions, social and medical services agencies, and multi-national companies. Welcome to CULTR, this event shows students celebrating cultures and languages

Within this urban context, CULTR is well positioned to address the challenges faced by under-represented students through a variety of initiatives that seek to offer K-16 students a competitive
edge as they enter a global marketplace. Whether students seek careers in diplomacy, national security, international business, public health or the sciences, CULTR seeks to support them in their acquisition of the language proficiency and cultural competence required for success in the global marketplace.

CULTR initiatives impact language learning on multiple fronts, through increasing student interest in language careers, especially world language teaching, and to increase retention of qualified language teachers already in schools. Outreach and advocacy efforts to government and nongovernmental agencies are designed to advance language learning in an urban environment and make language make language programs a priority for all learners.

Through the creation of local and national partnerships and collaborations, CULTR addresses the unique needs of urban language teachers and learners, promoting and supporting participation for all learners in the global economy.

From our team to yours, we welcome you to explore our resources, support languages for all, and join us in our next big initiative.

We look forward to seeing you,

The CULTR Team