CULTR Teacher Workshops in Action

CULTR Teacher Workshops 2018

Looking towards summer 2018, CULTR has begun evaluating and designing the next teacher workshop series. While keeping an eye on emerging classroom trends, CULTR actively seeks teacher feedback to create content essential to K-16 language educators. Help us build modules important to you!

CULTR’s Annual Professional Development Workshops for Language Teachers offers interactive, dynamic, and effective workshops geared toward developing proven practices in the classroom. Working with all language educators across grade levels and languages, workshop topics explore the areas of curriculum, assessment practices, material development, teaching strategies, and technology tools for 21st century learning. With overwhelmingly positive feedback, CULTR is excited to deliver this year’s lineup of teacher workshops designed to push you and your colleagues towards emerging trends in education.

To further assist instructors, CULTR’s workshops are competitively priced and located at Georgia State University. For example, pricing for the 2017 workshops were as follows: $150 for the first workshop and $100 for each additional workshop. Additionally, CULTR has also partnered with Georgia State University to offer premium on-campus housing at a rate of $37/night. For more information about GSU’s housing, campus dining services, or parking, please visit GSU Housing.

If you or your colleagues would like to join CULTR’s upcoming teacher workshops or suggest topics that are important to you, please complete the form below. For questions, please contact CULTR at or 404-413-5683.

Interested in attending the 2018 Teacher Workshops?

Please complete the form below as we begin preparing for the next event at Georgia State University in Summer 2018. For additional questions, contact CULTR directly at