STARTALK for Teachers

STARTALK for Teachers

Registration will soon be open for a STARTALK program offering professional development for speakers of Chinese and Korean who are currently practicing foreign language or content area teachers or are interested in becoming dual language immersion instructors. STARTALK programs exemplify best practices in language teacher development, strive to form extensive communities of practice, and create credentialing pathways for teachers of U.S. critical need languages. Participants accepted into the program will have their tuition fully covered.

STARTALK Logo for student summer camp

The STARTALK mission is to expand the learning, speaking, and teaching of critical U.S. need languages.

This program invites Chinese (Mandarin) and Korean speakers in the Atlanta area who have a desire to teach their language(s) in an engaged classroom setting. This four-week program (120 instructional hours) is a collaborative effort provided by CULTR at Georgia State University, Wesley International Academy, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC).

This program is an ideal fit in the Atlanta area because of the rise in the number of dual language immersion programs in the state and the need for teachers of critical languages in these programs. In Georgia dual language programs, the students spend at least half of their school day in the target language and the other half-day in English. Currently, there are 41 dual language immersion programs in Georgia.

As a result of this program, participants will be able to implement standards-based, thematically organized instruction; integrate target language culture into everyday instruction; and provide instruction in the target language that is student centered and engaging.