LangTalks is committed to answering the demands of K-16 world language educators for
meaningful professional development by creating and disseminating concise, open-access
videos. Initiated by a small group of language educators and supported by valuable partners,
LangTalks is dedicated to spreading the best practices of experienced educators to promote
language acquisition.

As LangTalks strives to empower all foreign language educators, our team understands that an introduction to our platform supports interested participants moving forward in creating their own LangTalks videos. Highlighting our resources, software, and mission, the following links to our website and orientation video are a great place to start. The video is a recording of a LangTalks orientation webinar between members of the LangTalks team and invited state coordinators and teachers. Major objectives of this orientation were to (1) encourage participant commitment, (2) reduce anxiety, (3) help interested parties understand the mission of LangTalks, and (4) convey what he or she can expect from creating their own LangTalk. Please explore the video below to learn more about LangTalks.

Learn how you can make a difference in language education today.


What is LangTalks?

LangTalks is a digital repository of concise professional development video resources for world language teachers by world language teachers. Through a digital repository of on-demand and open-access video lessons, LangTalks represents a key source of specialized training and professional learning intended to help world language teachers in the classroom. Within each LangTalks video, a world language educator, coordinator, or leader will engagingly explore a Core Practice or topic directed towards K-16 teachers. Ranging between 7-10 minutes long, LangTalks videos are concise, peer-reviewed lessons reflecting proven practices that align to the World Readiness Standards. Please visit the LangTalks website to learn more today!


Why LangTalks?

First and foremost, LangTalks was created to fill a void that exists for meaningful professional development for K-16 world language educators. Aligned to the proficiency standards of the profession, LangTalks provides all language educators the ability to grow through videos designed by recognized leaders in the field. Furthermore, these videos are offered for free to enable anyone with internet access the ability to gain valuable skills, explore key principles of teaching and testing to their curriculum, and connect with educators across the country.


How can I join?

Would you like to add to an extensive network of recognized leaders in education AND earn credit hours in the process? Please feel free to send our team an email today!

The steps needed to add your own video is designed to be relatively easy and straight forward. Begin by selecting a Core Practice or topic focused towards a K-16 teacher audience. Next, use and personalize your own presentation through the LangTalks PowerPoint, the LangTalks checklist, and the LangTalks principles of Explain, Show, and Go. After you are all set, you can record and submit your video lesson at your own computer using our intuitive video platform. We will remain with you throughout the process and handle all necessary video editing to create a finished and polished product. We look forward to seeing you in the next LangTalks video!