Phase 3

Online Video-conference and Distance Foreign Language Education Mentoring

Following the Teacher Retention Seminar, content and resources will be distributed online and available to all language instructors in order to maximize dissemination of materials. As phase three of the three phase Language Teacher Retention Project, online synchronous mentoring, webinars and special interest groups will be hosted throughout the year to reach teachers who may not have access to mentoring in their geographic location. The original cohort of teachers established during the summer workshop will form a foundation group for this effort.

CULTR has pushed this project forward as national teacher shortages for positions across foreign language education have worsened in an era where resources for education are even scarcer. At this time, foreign language teachers have one of the highest attrition rates in K-12 education due to factors including self-efficacy concerns and a lack of professional mentoring resources. Correspondingly, this dilemma underscores an urgent need to increase recruitment into the field of education. In this alarming landscape, the rate of teacher attrition, especially among new foreign language educators, remains particularly distressing across certain areas of the southeastern United States. As a Title VI LRC based in Atlanta, Georgia, research into the development of new approaches and tools to reverse these negative trends remains imperative.

In an innovative approach to address both the shortage of qualified language instructors and the challenges in retaining experienced instructors, the Language Teacher Retention Project will complete this three-stage endeavor that will endure over CULTR’s four year funding cycle.

Following the success of this stage, we will make available the content, resources, and materials assembled throughout the first two phases. Please visit later this year to utilize these essential resources for your classroom and colleagues.

For more information about the Language Teacher Retention Project, please contact CULTR at