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The Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR) conducts and disseminates research on foreign language learning, teaching, and assessment of LCTLs that can be translated into improvements in practice. Located at Georgia State University, faculty members in both AL and MCL are actively involved in projects on the analysis, use, assessment, and teaching of LCTLs amongst other areas for foreign language education

With funding from the Department of Education, CULTR has provided seed funding for additional projects on a competitive basis. Accordingly, proposals from faculty at Georgia State University for research projects were assessed by fit to the scope and mission of CULTR. Specifically, each proposal was reviewed by the project coordinators for (a) relevance to the LRC, (b) the quality of the proposal and (c) the feasibility of conducting the study with the proposed budget and other resources. All in all, four projects were chosen to best exemplify the criteria. These projects are identified below:

The Role of Task Complexity in Promoting Foreign Language Learning

Role of Task Complexity in Promoting Foreign Language Learning Featured Image
Led by Dr. YouJin Kim, this study explores the Cognition Hypothesis in light of the relationship between task complexity and their linguistic performance (complexity, accuracy, fluency) during task performance.

Content Validity of Japanese Language Proficiency Test

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Led by Mizuki Mazzotta, this study aims to investigate the content validity of the gap-filling (or rational deletion cloze) test included in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), a high stake standardized test offered by the Ministry of Education.

Geolocative Linguistic Landscape Project

Led by Dr. Hakyoon Lee, this location-based language learning project offers opportunities for students to explore how Korean language is used outside of a language classroom setting.

Bearing the Motivational Burden: Emotion Labor of U.S. Foreign Language Teachers

Headed by Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair, this study sheds light on the relationship between student attitudes and the effectiveness of US foreign language curriculum through the scope of emotion labor.