As one of sixteen Title VI LRCs across the United States, CULTR’s impact relies on actively empowering the opportunities of under-served populations. Tapping into our network of Department of Education Language Resource Centers, CULTR remains connected to a wealth of evolving resources and information for teachers, administrators, government, business employees, and language learners. CULTR and all of the LRCs provide websites that highlight a variety of resources and tools that are often free. In addition, many centers annually publish language teaching and learning materials, scholarly journals, textbooks, and research articles. Adding to these channels, CULTR focuses additional resources on special events, conferences, webinars, and social media to reach our audience. By curtailing our activities and events to the changing needs of urban teachers and students, CULTR remains dedicated to the mission of pushing world language education forward throughout the country.

Please visit the following portals to explore the different outlets for CULTR’s outreach.