Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn Series

Join us as career, conversation, and inspiration collide at the World Languages and Cultures Lunch and Learn Series!

As a collaboration the Georgia State University departments of World Languages and Cultures , Office of International Initiatives , and the Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR), the Lunch and Learn Series provides an exciting educational platform to highlight the benefits of learning another language, its advantages in the workplace, and how biliteracy can help form networks and advance careers.

Hosted by Dr. William Nichols, Director of CULTR and Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Georgia State University, the Lunch and Learn Series interviews successful guest speakers to deliver lively and thought-provoking discussion alongside a few laughs to brighten your day.

20160908_122621The Lunch and Learn Series guest speakers offer unique perspectives, experiences, and stories on exactly how learning another language has positively changed their lives. These experiences extend from exploring the advantages provided throughout their profession, the new understanding of their native language and culture, and the increased ability to connect with the world. Even while these guest speakers work for companies related to international commerce, social services, and government agencies, each presents their own strategies and tips related to reaching proficiency in another language. As such, everyone attending can walk away from this event with fascinating insight and approaches towards language acquisition. Please stay tuned as the Lunch and Learn Series becomes available as a podcast series! See you there!

As a free event, this event is open to all students interested in learning how languages or cultural awareness can take them to their dream career and beyond. To further stimulate open and intelligent questions from the audience, attendees are welcome to bring their lunches.

Please check our calendar or the WLC calendar to see details related to the upcoming Lunch and Learn and whether lunch will be provided.

Prior Guest Speakers

Providing insight into how language skills can lead to exciting opportunities, the following World Languages and Cultures Lunch and Learn guest speakers presented powerful, informative, and dynamic discussion on their own experiences. Again, please check our calendar or the WLC calendar to attend the next Lunch and Learn!

Maria Moussa

For-Social-MariaMoussa-WLC-LunchLearnA December 2013 graduate of Georgia State University, Maria holds a B.A. in International Economics and Modern Languages (concentration in Spanish). She speaks Spanish, French, Arabic, and American Sign Language. Joining Delta Air Lines as a Senior Analyst in Domestic Pricing, Maria utilizes her skillset through cross-functional coordination of the Basic Economy fare brand product in over 400 domestic markets. In particular, Maria is responsible for monitoring flight and market performance in Los Angeles markets. Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta represents one of the world’s largest global airlines, helping more than 160 million travelers get to the places they want to go to each year.

Crystel Leonidas

WLC-Leonidas-LunchLearnCrystel, a J. Mack Robinson College of Business graduate, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in German Studies from Georgia State University. She is currently fluent in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and French Creole. With her valuable language skillset, Crystel continuously expands her network and currently works for Porsche as an Executive Support Analyst. Her role handles a multiplicity of issues, employing Porsche principles and procedures; exercises personal experience, judgment, diplomacy and creativity to advance the goals of Porsche. As the next step for furthering her professional career, Crystel will be attending the London School of Economics.