As one of its primary objectives, the Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research (CULTR) strives to increase awareness on the importance of world language learning among students, parents, and policy makers.

To enable universal and equal access to language learning opportunities throughout the United States, CULTR recognizes the need for broad collaborations, balanced advocacy with empirical evidence, and an action plan starting with K-12. Echoing how advocacy informs each of these areas, a white paper from The Language Enterprise at CASL (Center for Advanced Study of Language) titled “Languages for All? Can All U.S. Residents Have the Opportunity to Learn a Second Language?” stands as the result of a year-long collaborative effort on information collection, data analysis, and national and international dialogue on language needs and capacity across the United States and other predominantly English-speaking countries. The report proposes to stabalize advocacy with empirical evidence and data-based research that will translate into concrete action plans with clearly defined strategic goals, objectives and milestones for advancing language in the U.S. at all levels of education for all members of society.

CULTR is particularly well positioned to establish a wide spectrum of collaborations across education, business, and government that advocate a common goal to make language learning more accessible to all populations. We implement two distinct events under this objective. First, World Languages Day, an exploratory language conference and resource fair for high school and college students, provides opportunities to meet with leaders in international commerce, social services, and governmental agencies with global connections to explore the linguistic and international diversity present in our urban communities. Second, the Global Languages Leadership Meeting assembles school leaders, legislators, government agencies and business/NGOs with international initiatives. These participants meet together in order to discuss, advocate and promote language learning throughout the continuum of learning. The outcomes of theses meetings includes long-term strategies and actionable items that can be achieved before the following year’s meeting. Please explore each through the following portals.