Global Language Leadership Meeting Surveys

On behalf of the Center for Urban Language Teaching and Research, we want to thank you for participating and helping to make this year’s Global Languages Leadership Meeting a huge success!

Looking to further support our attendees, we have included a post-event survey and global competencies survey in the section below.

Post-Event Survey: Please share your thoughts with CULTR. We DO look at your comments and suggestions as we are wrapping up this year’s event and planning for next year. We have already received incredible feedback but we still look forward to hearing about your experience. Please share your experiences on what went well and the areas that can be improved.

Global Competencies Survey:At CULTR, we understand that the needs of businesses, non-profits and government agencies require employees who are capable of working in a globalized environment, and that educational goals, including world language proficiency, play a direct role in preparing students for careers.

You can help CULTR tell this important story by participating in our brief Global Competencies Survey. We value your unique insight on the role that global competency plays in your organization and greatly appreciate your input. With your responses, CULTR will produce a series of one-page profiles and infographics to be shared with students and teachers. Please share with others in your professional network!