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Dedicated to aiding CULTR in its mission, numerous entities across Georgia State University have generously provided valuable resources and enthusiastic support. CULTR would like to thank these departments and associations for their collaboration:

While it earned the national resource designation in 2010, Georgia State University and the Institute of International Business at the Robinson College of Business have been serving theciber-300x200 academic and business communities with international business expertise since the 1970s. Georgia State University recognizes the critical importance for the United States to sustain its leadership as a globally competitive economy. CIBER’s mission is to fully deploy its rich assets of faculty talent, programs and educational offerings, as well as its vast network of regional, national and international partnerships to serve its various stakeholder groups. Coinciding with its mission, CIBER has kindly donated to CULTR’s foreign language workshops. CULTR will continue its partnership with CIBER to further facilitate the initiatives of each center.


The Office of International Initiatives (OII)

The Office of International Initiatives (OII) is responsible for the strategic integration and coordination of the University’s international initiatives, partnerships,OII grants, program development and management, events and activities, and study abroad programs. OII lead the formation of a global consortium of universities, expands interdisciplinary faculty teams, and focuses on leveraging faculty research strengths on issues facing emerging nations. They also are supporting the important work of the five faculty task forces on Brazil, China, Korea, South Africa, and Turkey. In addition, OII established the university’s International Center in 2015, which serves as the nucleus for international activities on campus and supports creation of programs and services that enhance the global competency of students, faculty, staff and the Atlanta community. OII will assist CULTR in the planning and implementation of World Language Day.


The Confucius Institute at Georgia State University

The Confucius Institute at Georgia State University is committed to promoting Chinese language and culture in the United States, especially in Georgia and the Southeast U.S.Confucius Institute As the first business-oriented Confucius Institute in the U.S., the Confucius Institute at Georgia State University promotes educational, cultural, trade and business relations between China and the United States. The Confucius Institute strives to become a one-of-a-kind resource center in teaching, research, and business consulting related to Chinese language and culture and was recognized as the 2012 “Confucius Institute of the Year.” Building upon similar goals concerning foreign language education for competency in global endeavors, the Confucius Institute and the Center for Urban Language Learning and Research will work together across several initiatives.


Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Excellence

The Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Excellence was established in 1996 to provide a “city-wide laboratory for the development of excellence in urban education”.Beginning with their10th-annual-sources-vertical-png founding, their mission is to optimize the life opportunities of children and families in urban communities by ensuring the availability of a prosperous and equitable school environment through community engagement, research and educational development and support. A central goal of the Crim Center is to “bring together faculty who are interested in conducting research and provide services to schools in urban school systems”. In May of 2015, the Crim Center facilitated The Sources of Urban Educational Excellence Conference where CULTR had the opportunity to present, interact, and network with stakeholders across the Southeast’s universities.