CULTR's Advisory Boards consist of experts in areas that are most critical to our mission.

Advisory Boards

CULTR’s Advisory Boards bring together world renowned leaders in education that share a strong commitment to foreign language and less commonly taught language learning. In selecting and inviting participants in our LRC’s Advisory Boards, we have assembled experts in areas that are most critical to the goals, project areas, and emphases of CULTR. These members provide advice, evaluate CULTR’s activities, and ensure the incorporation of national priorities.

As highlighted in the table provided below, the National Advisory Board includes Paul Sandrock (Director of Education, ACTFL), William Rivers (Executive Director of JNC-NCLIS), and Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan (President of IALLT and Director of Foreign Language Technology at Wayne State University), Dr. Lourdes Ortega (Professor at Georgetown University), and Dr. LeeAnn Stone (Manager of Custom Solutions at Rosetta Stone).

Our Local and Regional Advisory Board includes leaders in K-12 foreign language education as well as Higher Education Language Technology Directors to ensure that initiatives and outreach are not only effectively targeted to the populations we aim to serve, but that communication is efficient, dissemination to key audiences is streamlined, and objectives are aligned with the immediate needs of foreign language teachers and learners.

The complementary strengths of these two Advisory Boards will inform our practice and guarantee that the goals and vision of the LRC are not only attainable in the near future, but continue to be relevant and valuable to the future of languages in our nation.

National Advisory Board

Dr. Lourdes Ortega


Georgetown University

Paul Sandrock

Director of Education


Dr. William Rivers

Executive Director


Dr. LeeAnn Stone

Manager, Custom Solutions

Rosetta Stone

Marc L. Greenberg

Director of the School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures

University of Kansas

Dr. Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan

Director, FL Technology Center

Wayne State University

Local and Regional Advisory Board

Jon Valentine

Director of Foreign Languages

Gwinnett Co Schools

Patrick Wallace

Program Specialist: World Languages and Workforce Initiatives

Georgia DoE

Julian Allen

Director of Academic Technology

Georgia State University

Stacey Powell

Director, FL Multimedia Center

Auburn University

Doug Canfield

Coordinator III, Language Resource Center

University of Tennessee
David Jahner Executive Director Southern Conference on Language Teaching
Dr. Tamer Cavusgil Executive Director GSU-CIBER
Dr. Wolfgang Schlör Associate Provost for International Initiatives Georgia State University
Dr. Brendan Calandra Associate Professor, Learning Technologies Georgia State University